Bespoke & Beyond: High-end Interior Details
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En kjempefin bok om interiørdesign detaljer

Beskrivelse fra forlegger: “Bespoke & Beyond” provides 16 recent residential projects. Each project exudes a serenity and a sense of comfort combined with relaxed, unpretentious design. All residences adhere to principles that transform a mere series of spaces into sleek and sophisticated homes, responsive to the people who live in it every day.

With a curated mix of layering materials and textures, scale and proportion, the right lighting, art and objects, this highly detailed title, illustrates the varying approaches to interior design by renowned architects and designers. Their goal is to translate the residents’ stories and passions into their surroundings. Readers can delve deep into guiding principles of innovative simplicity with a particular focus on craftsmanship in design, in tune with today’s wish for calm and pleasant spaces to live in.

Blending classic and modern elements to create personal, calming surroundings, these homes feature traditional styles that have been refined to perfection.

“Bespoke & Beyond” has a timeless focus on subtle luxury that gives the reader insight into how to achieve sophisticated elegance that’s understated and appropriate. This new book goes beyond interior design to show how to inhabit homes in fulfilling and beautiful ways.

Packed with beautiful never-before-published photography, this exhaustive book captures interiors and exteriors, modern and classical, that are both inspiring and transporting. A definitive must-have for amateurs and professionals seeking design inspiration.
A great addition to your design collection!

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